Our investment systems harness the power of both fundamental analysis and quantitative models. By gathering insights from any datasets that could affect how the markets behave, we analyze the macro-economic environment, identify industry trends and validate all our investment ideas or hypothesis synthesized within the framework of finance theories. Only investment ideas that can survive the test of real-world data and meaningful economic interpretation will turn into an executable investment decision in our system. Statistical and mathematical models will then be used to tease out predictive signals that optimize the execution of our decisions.

This approach is dedicated to our aim of delivering long-term capital appreciation. It has been adopted for years and welcomed by our clients.

Every asset class and investment vehicle has its own unique risk and return characteristics. Under different market conditions, the extensive coverage and research expertise of our team enable us to capitalize on various instruments to deliver decent gains to our clients. The vehicles we use include:

  • Global equities
  • Fixed-incomes
  • Options and futures
  • ETFs and mutual funds
  • Other structural products

Investment Process

  1. Analyze Global Economic Trends
  2. Balance Bond / Equity Ratio
  3. Assess Fundamental Valuation
  4. Assess Risks & Potential Returns
  5. Filter-out Mis-priced markets
  6. Integrating Portfolios with market View
  7. Execute Investment Decision
  8. Supervise & Review